Yemen: 130 violations of media freedoms in the first half of 2017

Mansa Foundation
2017-08-18 | منذ 7 سنة    قراءة: 947

Sanaa- The Yemeni Journalists' Syndicate(YJS) has released its biannual report on media freedoms in Yemen during the first half of 2017.

The YJS documented 130 of violations of press and media freedoms in Yemen during the first half of this year. 195 journalists and media organizations were victims of various violations including killing, assaults, threats,  suspension of work, torture, murder, hacking news sites, confiscation of journalists' possessions as well as prosecuting and intimidating them .

The YJS said the number of violations increased to 130 cases during the first half of this year, 2017, compared to the first half of last year 2016 which witnessed 100 violations.

The violations are various:

 39 cases of kidnappings and arrests, making up 30% of the violations.

 20 cases of  assaults, making up16% of the violations

 18 cases of attempted murder, making 14% of the violations

14 cases of threats, making up 11% of the violation

10 cases of prosecution, constituting 8% of the violations

8 cases of  torture, making up  6% of the violations

8 cases of confiscating journalists 'and newspapers' possessions, making up 6% of the violations

7 cases of salary cut-off, making up 5% of the violations  

3 cases of killing journalists, making up  3% of the violations

3 cases of hacking news websites, making up  2% of the violations.

The Houthis committed 64 cases of violations out of 130 violations, constituting 49% of the total number violations.

The government authorities committed 32 cases, which means 25%  of the violations.  Unknown parties committed 20 cases, forming 15% of the violations.

 6 cases of violations were committed by  elements associated with Taiz resistance, forming 5% of the violations.

Elements belonging to Southern Movement committed 4 cases of violations, making up 3% of the violations.

 Extremist groups committed 3 cases of violations forming 2% of the total number, and the  Arab coalition committed  one case, forming 1% of the total number of violations.

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