declaration to counter hate speech and incitement in the Yemeni media

Mansa Foundation
2019-12-03 | منذ 5 سنة    قراءة: 1612

 Mansa Foundation

We, the participants in the consultative meetings on countering hate speech and violence incitement in the Yemeni media which were organized by Mansa Foundation in cooperation with UNESCO, are presenting the final ethical declaration that we seek to use as a guide in our media outlets in order to support the values of dialogue, coexistence and peace and reject hate speech and violence incitement.

The Declaration contains the following main principles:

- Committing to professionalism and ethics of the press profession in the media institutions and establishing the principle that the press works for the good of the public

- Committing to avoid publishing the words and terms that have been included in the hate speech and incitement lexicon or any words that fall within the framework of hatred and incitement and to be mindful of hate speech risks

- Respecting the truth and the right of the public to obtain it without distortion or modification

- Respecting human dignity and not to libel any category of society or publish libel

- Respecting the right to difference and diversity, spreading the values of coexistence and tolerance, and promoting the values of dialogue

-Respecting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international declarations sponsored by UNESCO, including the Sana'a Declaration on the Promotion of the Independence and Pluralism of the Media

- Refraining nourishing or  instilling a culture of hatred and violence, and rejecting all calls of bias, discrimination and intolerance regardless of its forms either nationally, culturally, sectarian or regionally

- Avoiding the politically motivated media confrontations and taking into account the moral responsibility of the press towards society.

- Supporting the values of peace, national unity and social security in the country and exposing the disastrous and destructive effects of the war continuation

- Calling on the Yemeni Journalists' Syndicate to approve the code of ethics draft or activate it temporarily until the general assembly meets and approves it

- Protecting children and juveniles from the dangers of media materials that include violent scenes or inappropriate behavior patterns which contradict noble values and encourage violence

- Working together to avoid the politically-motivated confrontations and enhance the responsibility of the press towards the society

- Urging journalists to avoid the news coverage- through writing or images- that incites hatred or violence on ethnic, cultural, religious grounds or other discriminatory features in the social components

- Revitalizing the values of professional solidarity among media personnel and rejecting all forms of abuse and repression against journalists as well as calling for the release of all kidnapped kidnaped

- Emphasizing the importance of expanding consultative meetings with the leaders of the various media to confront hate speech and violence incitement and hold training courses for journalists on the press of peace and conflict  sensitive journalism  as well as providing them with professional skills during wars.

- Seeking to establish a media network aimed at countering the hate speech and violence incitement in order to elevate the media discourse.


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