Yemen: Mansa Foundation denounces treating media outlets as military targets

Mansa Foundation
2017-12-11 | منذ 7 سنة    قراءة: 813

Mansa Foundation for Media

Sanaa- Mansa Foundation for Media and Development Studies expressed its deep concern over the severe deterioration of press freedoms in line with the recent clashes the Yemeni capital Sana'a has witnessed. Media outlets including TV stations have been directly targeted by heavy and medium weapons.

The Yemen Today TV channel owned by late Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh was attacked with medium weapons before being stormed by military forces belonging to the Ansar Allah the Houthi group. 41 journalists and technicians were abducted and they remain in custody until today.

The Arab coalition aircraft launched two strikes, targeting the gate of the Houthi-controlled Yemen TV channel and the location in which the channel headquarters is located. The strike killed four security guards, an employee and four others were injured.

In addition, Ansar Allah the Houthis have been pursuing dozens of journalists working in the media outlets of the General People's Congress, circulating their names on the lists of those wanted at the security and military checkpoints.

Mansa Foundation deplores treating the media outlets as military targets and engaging the journalists in the bloody conflicts. The foundation holds the parties to the conflict  fully responsible for the attacks on the media and the continuous kidnappings and abuse of journalists.

Mansa Foundation emphasizes that these serious violations of the media freedom in Yemen necessitate denunciation, condemnation and demanding the perpetrators to stop their practice of violations immediately

Mansa Foundation calls for the immediate release of all abducted journalists and the preservation of their safety and security. It also urges all parties to end the atmosphere of intimidation that affects the media and journalists.

Mansa demands rights organizations concerned with freedom of opinion and expression to express solidarity with the press and media freedoms in Yemen and work to reduce these violations.

Mansa Foundation displays its disapproval of blocking a number of social networking sites and the intentional slowing of the Internet by Yemen Net, the only provider of Internet in Yemen. Mansa called for ending to this situation and allowing the flow of information without restrictions.

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